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LEAP (Language Empowers All People) builds speech, language,and communication skills that advance success in life,school, and work.

LEAP is a non-profit organization that conducts parent workshops, provides collaborative curricula for educators and teaches youth  in the metropolitan Chicago area. We use our language expertise to implement programs that build strong oral language foundations that prepare children and become proficient readers and learners.

LEAP was soon born to bridge this learning gap and give under-served children and teens an opportunity to increase their quality of life. After first working with the children themselves, Dr. Gottfred and her colleague, John Lybolt, Ph.D., decided to expand LEAP’s impact. Dr. Gottfred and Dr. Lybolt began training other teachers, tutors, and educators how to engage students in carefully structured lessons and activities that would cultivate oral and written language skills.

Thirty years later, LEAP continues to carry out its mission in low-resource classrooms across Chicago. With a highly experienced staff representing decades of collective experience, LEAP has reached tens of thousands of teachers and low-resource students and families through cutting-edge language and literacy development programs, impacting their clients’ professional and personal livelihoods.

Our Mission
LEAP was born to bridge the language gap and give under-served children and teens an opportunity to increase their quality of life.
LEAP Empowers through Language

LEAP (Language Empowers All People) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to results-driven language and literacy development.  Leap's programs are proven to accelerate self-confidence and fulfillment in children, parents and educators.

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Volunteering with LEAP is a meaningful way to invest in your community. It can also be very educational as you experience some of the best language and literacy development programming in the country in action


LEAP strives to match volunteer interest with an organizational need.

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“Organizations like LEAP are essential toward preparing students for 21st century post-secondary pathways. At Intrinsic Schools, we value greatly LEAP’s commitment to this preparation, and as a result of their programming we have seen real growth in our students’ ability to represent themselves publicly.” -- LEAP's Impact In 2016.
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