Beginning with Babble

Beginning with Babble

(Beginning with Babble)

What is Beginning with Babble?

Beginning with Babble is LEAP’s mobile app for parents and caregivers with children from zero to four years old. The app reminds caregivers to interact with their children through a variety of developmentally appropriate stimuli and ideas. With written tips, audio prompts, and demonstrative videos, Beginning with Babble coaches caregivers to facilitate language-rich, back-and- forth interactions with their children.

Throughout the day, the Beginning with Babble mobile app will chime, sending notifications to the app’s user. Each notification will consist of a short, effective tip that shares a language activity. By entering the child’s birthday into the app, Beginning with Babble knows the approximate developmental stage of the child. As a child grows, the app will self-calculate the child’s age and adjust the tips accordingly!

The app’s tips are interactive; caregivers are able to vote on each tip they receive. By selecting a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on each tip, caregivers give feedback to the app about which tips they enjoy. With this information, the Beginning with Babble app will then adjust future content to match user interest. LEAP has developed an algorithm so the app will self-adjust based on user behavior; notifications will be sent during windows of time that are consistent with users’ past patterns of engagement.

Beginning with Babble encourages caregivers to engage with their children in a meaningful, target-driven way that simultaneously builds pre-literacy skills and preschool readiness. LEAP’s goal is to facilitate meaningful, language-centered interactions over the first four years of a child’s life in order to build positive communication habits, not only in low-verbal, low-print households, but in all homes! This app has the potential to reach thousands of families across the country and build the foundation for success in preschool and beyond.

Download the app today!

The Beginning with Babble app is now available in the Play and App Stores at no charge.

“My favorite part was doing regular things throughout day and then I would get an alert and I would say, “Oh, I could be doing this!” My other kids would chime in too. It encouraged me to talk with them more and taught me things I didn’t know they knew, like weather…It helped me teach them new words too.”

LEAP, in collaboration with Learning By Design, developed an instructional demo of the BWB app. If you would like to view the demo please click here.