Language for Scholars (LFS)

Language for Scholars (LFS)

The Language for Scholars (LFS) program is designed to improve the real-world communication skills of elementary and high school students, challenging them to become articulate, confident speakers of tomorrow. The program helps students excel not only in high school, but also in the business setting, far into their future. Real-world applications include job interviews, public speaking, networking, and more.

The program harnesses participants’ natural talent and helps them communicate it more effectively by focusing on:

  • Improved pronunciation and projection
  • Polite conversation style and attitude
  • Eye contact, body posture, facial expressions and gestures
  • Improved formal writing skills

In order to gain respect, one must be respectful of all languages and dialects. LFS respects all social dialects and recognizes that they are appropriate in certain settings. Students focus on how to switch dialects, using Academic Business English in professional settings to unlock the door to broader educational and financial opportunities.

LEAP historically has delivered Language for Scholars (LFS) programming to students entering or at the high school level up through college. In the LFS program, code switching is discussed intentionally, with an emphasis on how being proficient in Academic Business English (ABE) allows students to successfully navigate situations with adults, potential employers, and within the educational realm. The full list of speech goals are discussed, practiced, and used in a culminating event: full articulation, body language, intonation, projection, rate, filler free speech, conversation rules, and the grammar of ABE. From working with this age group, we have seen the impact of heightened awareness to speech as a step toward thoughtful and intentional use of dialect code switching.

``With LEAP's involvement our scholars not only gain needed language and cognitive development skills, but also increase their confidence in their ability to address the challenges of tomorrow.``
Andrew David