Language for Scholars

The Language for Scholars (LFS) program is designed to improve the real-world communication skills of elementary and high school students, challenging them to become articulate, confident speakers of tomorrow.


Language for Scholars (LFS)

The Language for Scholars (LFS) program is designed to improve and strengthen the everyday communication skills of teens and young adults, so they can succeed in the classroom and fulfill their academic potential.

Using research-based techniques including simulated job interviews and public speaking and networking exercises, Language for Scholars builds students’ ability to become more articulate and consequently, more confident in expressing concepts and sharing personal thoughts.

The program intentionally harnesses participants’ natural talent and helps them communicate it more effectively by focusing on:
⦁ Improved verbal pronunciation and projection
⦁ Enhanced formal writing skills
⦁ Respectful conversation style and attitude; and
⦁ Deliberate eye contact, body posture, facial expressions and gestures.

Because LEAP recognizes that all social dialects hold equal importance, Language for Scholars intentionally respects all social dialects and recognizes that they each serve a purpose in different contexts. 

Therefore, students learn to select communication styles that will best help them to unlock the door to broader educational and workforce opportunities, identifying Academic Business English (ABE) as an additional dialect of English.

LEAP historically has delivered Language for Scholars programs to students entering or at the high school level up through college. Code switching is discussed intentionally, with an emphasis on how strong communication skills makes it possible for students to successfully navigate situations with adults, potential employers, and within the educational realm. 

The full list of speech goals and communication skills is discussed, practiced, and used in a culminating event: articulation, body language, intonation, projection, rate, filler-free speech, formulating ideas, and communication styles.

"With LEAP's involvement our scholars not only gain needed language and cognitive development skills, but also increase their confidence in their ability to address the challenges of tomorrow"
Andrew David
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