LEAP (Language Empowers All People) builds speech, language, and communication skills that advance success in the classroom, the workforce and the community.
Beginning with Babble
Beginning with Babble is LEAP’s mobile app for parents and caregivers with children ages zero to five-years-old. Through a suite of developmentally appropriate stimuli and ideas, parents and caregivers are prompted with ways they can interact with their infants and toddlers.
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Language For Emergent Reading
Previously known as the Vocabulary Improvement Project (VIP), LFER is a preschool curriculum that is delivered via professional development workshops and classroom observations. LFER trains educators to teach pre-literacy and communication development in order to build academic and social success.
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Language For Scholars
The Language for Scholars (LFS) program is designed to improve the real-world communication skills of elementary and high school students, challenging them to become articulate, confident speakers of tomorrow.
Language Through Science (LTS)
Students engage with and manipulate materials, which allows them to dialogue about their experiences using increasingly complex language. LTS gives children access to the processes of scientific change while stimulating language and literacy skills.
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LEAP – Educare West DuPage Parent Workshops
LEAP – Educare West DuPage Parent Workshop Series Case History Nina Smith, Executive Director -LEAP – Michelle Zajac Esquivel, Executive Director -Educare West DuPage
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Volunteering with LEAP is a meaningful way to invest in your community.

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