LEAP (Language Empowers All People) builds speech, language, and communication skills that advance success in the classroom, the workforce and the community.

We use our distinctive speech language expertise to implement programs that build strong oral language foundations.

In 2020-2021, through the generous contributions provided by LEAP’s school, community, corporate and philanthropic partners, LEAP was able to provide language programming to 1,004 students, teachers, parents, and early childhood education providers. We are thankful for the many opportunities for language and literacy development.

We count it a privilege to partner together for such a worthy initiative!


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Educational disinvestment has resulted in many Black and Brown children in under resourced communities receiving diminished learning opportunities and scarce academic supports. LEAP was formed to help address this disparity in education resources as it relates to the areas of language and communication. After working directly with children from under resourced communities themselves, Dr. Gottfred and Dr. Lybolt, Ph.D., decided to exponentially expand LEAP’s impact by offering trainings for teachers, tutors, and educators on how to engage students in carefully structured, research-based lessons and activities that would significantly build students’ oral and written language skills.
Thirty years later, LEAP continues to carry out its mission in low-resource classrooms across Chicago, its surrounding suburbs and targeted Downstate communities. With a highly experienced staff representing decades of collective experience, LEAP has reached tens of thousands of teachers, students and families through research-based language and literacy development programs, positively impacting their success in the classroom, the workplace and the community.

LEAP (Language Empowers All People)


LEAP (Language Empowers All People) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to results-driven language and literacy development. Leap’s programs are proven to accelerate self-confidence and fulfillment in children, parents and educators.

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LEAP strives to match volunteer interest with an organizational need.


We will make every effort to situate you in a rewarding volunteer project that meets your interests and talents.


Share with us the work you’ve been doing!

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